7 Million People Actually Believe that Facebook Will Become a Pay Site

There's a new Facebook group called "We Will Not Pay To Use Facebook. Need As Many Members Possible To Stop This!." The members of this group apparently believe that this is true. I would usually brush something like this off, but the group has 2.7 Million members! All of these people apparently think Facebook is on its way to becoming a pay site. The info on this group states that because of Facebook's popularity that Mark Zuckerberg will sell the site, and that the people he sells it to "WILL turn it into a paysite." How does the creator of this group know for sure that the buyer "WILL" do this? He doesn't. Zuckerberg hasn't sold it so far, and while it is a possibility, there is no way that anyone would expect 200 million users to begin paying for the service. More than 100 million users log on to Facebook at least once a day. That's an incredible number that would drop significantly if everyone had to begin paying. There's a business model in the new age of "Social Media," and it includes providing a free service while making ad revenue. This is how almost everyone does it now days. The thought of someone turning Facebook into a pay site is laughable. This group was either started by somebody who is completely oblivious to the Web 2.0 business model, or someone who is trolling Facebook users. I would like to raise the question here, "How does starting a Facebook group help prevent this in any way?" It doesn't. While writing this article, I found <a href="http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=54350527492" target="main">another related group</a> that has 4.8 million members. It is estimated that Facebook makes about $300 Million in ad revenue each year, and is expected to reach $1 Billion in total revenues by 2015. Why would you ditch the ads, lose members, and lose money by turning it into a pay site? You wouldn't. That's not how it works.