Media Scenarios
Installs, live production, web, and corporate video installs all need a starting point. We offer consulting to ensure you're using the right hardware, software and people for the job. Your budget is important and you need bang for your buck when assembling new gear or prepping a new venture. Your gear needs to be reliable, relevant, redundant, affordable, and able to stand the test of time. The last thing you need is equipment that is obsolete a month after you buy it. We're constantly researching new technologies and how to implement them in new ways. Let us help you become more efficient.

You may already have company branding, but what does your company look like from the outside? Most people will only see your website before doing business with you. That’s the first (and possibly only) look at your brand. Is your front page relevant? What about your online reputation? What if a first-time customer does a Twitter search for your company? How many results will come up? Will they be positive? If there are negative results, have they been resolved in the public eye to reflect your commitment to satisfaction?

Web design
When your website was built, how easy did they make it for anyone at your company to update it themselves? If the C.E.O of your company can’t log-in from any computer on the internet and make minor changes to your website, it’s not good enough. What about Facebook connectivity? Can your customers log-in to your site using their Facebook credentials?

Some businesses benefit from the addition of audio podcasts on their website. Podcasts are like mini radio shows and can help build an audience. A dedicated audience online means better sales. We can teach you how to make a simple podcast, a medium podcast, or an incredibly professional podcast. Whatever you decide on, it’s all about the message. You can always start small and build it up. For large businesses, these can really help project the human side of your business.

Self Sustaining Video Production
Creating video content for your brand can be very easy. You don’t have to be a video specialist to create additions to your website that drive traffic. We can teach you how to make videos that connect with your audience. Professional videos are great and will help your company's online image, but it's good to have a handful of cheaper, real videos. These real videos draw your customers in. A mix of professional branding and humanism is the perfect formula. I’m not talking about faking it either. I’m talking about videos that the C.E.O himself posts without help from the A/V or IT department.

Social Media
There are methods of communication online that will help you become a trusted brand, and not a spammer. Communicating with customers in a non-intrusive way is key. We’ll teach you techniques to reach a targeted audience online.

Online Advertising
Setting up a Google Ads account is easy. Maintaining and analyzing it is not. There are words and phrases that sell, and those that don’t. We’ll help you track the people who click on your ads and show you how to make adjustments to maximize clicks.

We offer corporate consulting for businesses looking to utilize technology to its max potential. It’s not enough to have a website now. There’s also more to being on Facebook and Twitter than just signing up and sending out product updates. The internet has made the world smaller. You may hear that all the time, but its true that word spreads just as fast around the world now as it did years ago in small towns. To be successful you’ll need an advantage to spread the word of your product or service.