Production Services

Production Services Kossome Media offers high-end commercial and corporate video production as well as professional media consulting. We provide a broad scale of services from television production, to web video, to DVD authoring. Please take a moment to view our reel and feel free to contact us about any questions you may have. We'll be happy to assist.

Production Process Our production process is very streamlined and straight forward. We begin by consulting with you on the phone or in person. Our script writers and art directors then will present you with three ideas. Once you sign off on an idea, we start the production and planning processes. We take care of all the shooting and production logistics. You can decide to be as involved, or not involved as you would like with the production elements. Once we begin editing, we go through three revisions. You can view these revisions online or in person. Once the third version is complete, our editors will begin the finishing process and deliver your content in the medium you desire. Not too sure about the technical jargon? We can speak directly to your end user or client to ensure we deliver the correctly formated product.

Professional Finishing When it comes to production, our goal is to deliver a product better than the standard. If you decide to invest the money in a production, you deserve a quality product that is not only well produced visually, but technically. As video production tools get less expensive, more and more people are becoming self-procaimed "producers." They may have the tools, but not the technical know-how. We've seen a lot of work from these types of production houses and can spot the difference between amateur and professional. You may not know what a jump-cut or a stray frame is, but we certainly do. We see them all the time in amateur productions and will not tolerate it in our final products. We meticulously screen and re-screen our productions to ensure we're giving you the best video, audio, and graphics possible.

Graphics - Know the difference between stock and custom. Have you noticed that many local productions and commercials look the same? It's because they're using pre-made stock images and graphics that were bought ahead of time. Our goal is to create custom graphics and text that are not from a template. It's easy for an amateur post house to buy a program and enter your company's name into a template, but why pay the same price when their software does all the work? Your production shouldn't end up looking like everyone else's. If you want to use a pre-made template, we'll make sure you don't pay the same price as a custom graphic.

Consulting When beginning a new media production or project for your company, it is important to consult someone in the industry to help save you time and money. Click here to hear about our consulting services.

Pre-Production Art Direction and Creation Creative Consulting, Production Planning, Script Writing

Production Auto B-Roll Packages, Corporate, Commercial, Educational, Green Screen, Infomercials, Medical, Marketing, Podcasts, Retail, Training, Viral Videos, Web

Post Production 3D Animation, 5.1 Audio Mastering, Conversion, Custom Motion Graphics, DVD Authoring, Editing, Effects, Encoding, Sound Design, Titles