X7 Hosting - The Nightmare Continues

Update 2: They agreed to charge me the yearly $168, and put the rest up for investigation.

Update: Last night, they tried to run my card again for over $4,000.

Earlier this year I wrote about CI Host, and their incredibly mismanaged company. Quite a few months have gone by, and it's time for an update. Nobody ever bothered to call me back, and much has gone on since then. The first thing I did was to report the problems with CI Host, (now X7 Hosting,) to the Better Business Bureau. After weeks of them not responding to the letters from the BBB, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I called CI Host directly to see if they got the notices. After transferring me to some managers, I got someone to assure me that the issue was being taken care of. This was obviously a lie to appease me for a while. After a couple more weeks, the BBB told me there was still no response to my issue. I left that alone for a while and decided to see if X7 hosting would be any better.

The first step was the transition process. After the data was sent to X7 in Canada, they failed to transfer my databases correctly. Every site I had running on the server was built on the open source CMS called Drupal. This means that all my sites are database driven and therefore were all down. After calling X7 and waiting on hold for over an hour, someone answered. I tried to explain the problem, and after 2 days of waiting, calling back, and waiting on hold for a total of 6 hours, I finally had my sites running again. Total down time for all of my sites came to about two weeks. After this, I had to deal with other database problems on some sites that had forums. These databases were pointing to a specific location on my server that hosted all the content and themes. After my hour on hold I was able to voice my concerns. They assured me everything would be working within 24 hours. After 24 hours, I had a forum, but my other content had disappeared. Instead of changing the url mistake in the database, they moved all the directories to a new folder that corresponded with the database. This is the exact opposite of what they were supposed to do. Now all my other content was broken because they were in different directories. X7 had modified my data and directory structure without any thought of the consequences. I waited on hold an hour to tell them what happened. After 24 hours, this hadn't been fixed. I contacted them again and waited another hour on hold. After three days, it was working.

7 Million People Actually Believe that Facebook Will Become a Pay Site

There's a new Facebook group called "We Will Not Pay To Use Facebook. Need As Many Members Possible To Stop This!." The members of this group apparently believe that this is true. I would usually brush something like this off, but the group has 2.7 Million members! All of these people apparently think Facebook is on its way to becoming a pay site.